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Alberto Musi

Alberto Musi, Administrative Director

Alberto Musi.jpg

Alberto Musi begins in radio in 1980, with Tony. Disco music lover, he converted back then to rock music, with AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Radio Alpha Centauri 89.4 Mhz is his first radio, RTL 98 follows, where he hosts alternatively disco and rock transmissions; then he hosts the legendary 'Disco Capital Action'.He reaches clubs in 1982, with Tony Marano at the console, at Apple Club (ex Moulin Rouge), Pianico (Bg). We still remember Paradise Club in Lovere (bg), Black Sound in Borno (Bs) with Fausto Molinari, and the club Capital Music in Pisogne (Bs), where, next to Fausto Bellicini, he's established himself as great DJ, winning the "Megamix" contest, called by Radio Deejay. Last collaboration: ''Villa Damioli'' Pisogne (Bs).

Radio Days : Radio Alpha Centauri 89.4, RTL 98.

Disco Days : Apple Club, Paradise Club, Black Sound, Capital Music club, Villa Damioli.

Currently, he's the managing director and music planner for Studioradio, where he mostly deals with rock music.