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Skatt Bros.Walk The Night (extended Version)1979
Jean CarnTime Waits For No One (joey Negro)
The Player AssociationTurn The Music Up
Paul HardcastleDon't Waste My Time

StudioRadio, the vintage station


Studioradio has changed! A new modern look, but with the music of all time, the best!

The adventure on StudioRadio goes on, more and more 'classic', more and more 'vintage' !

STUDIORADIO - The vintage webradio from Iseo Lake, italian in the world

Studioradio, the vintage station 

plays the great classics of the past 

and the hits of today !

Beautiful songs, including rare and hard to find records, selected with passion and absolute care.

Studioradio works with the collaboration of professionists and friends from the world of FM radio.

It 'a radio with a format for connoisseurs, full of fantastic tracks from unique records collections.

We notify all listeners that due to major changes on streaming audio transmission systems, in order to listen to the radio may be necessary to update your browser (Explorer, Mozilla, Safari), or switching to Google Chrome. Thanks for the attention.

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