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Records Exhibitions In Italy

Records Exhibitions in Italy


We like to propose the most beautiful songs, the rarest copies, unique and hard to find tracks. For this reason the exhibitions of the new and used records are our natural habitat. We can not avoid haunt, and we invite you to do the same, especially if you love good music as what we propose you every day on our radio.

Vinile PickUp.jpg

The  vinyl record is experiencing a new life. Numerous reprints of historical records, such as Pink Floyd, Beatles, Eagles, Springsteen, but also vinyl Italian artists such as Renato Zero, Claudio Baglioni, Francesco De Gregori. Increasingly on 180 gram vinyl, with a higher quality as the original. Reprints can typically be found in any of the traditional record store, and if you crave to own an original copy, you just need to do is attend one of the many flea markets and / or the disk exhibitions now on the whole national territory, hoping to find the copy that both were looking for. And if you're lucky , you may happen to also buy it for just a few Euros...

And if you are visiting Italy, you will find the following exhibitions HERE and one more excuse to visit a new beautiful italian place !