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Billy Paul

The Last Goodbye To The Soul Artist Billy Paul.

April 24, 2016, he passed away at the age of 81 years, the soul artist Billy Paul. His masterpieces 'Me & Mrs. Jones' and 'Bring The Family Back'. In his career he won a Grammy Award for best soul singer and is known for its success of 1972 'Me and Mrs. Jones', as well as for the album and single of the same name of 1973 'War of the Gods'. 

A native of Philadelphia, inevitable involvement with the sound of the homonymous TSOP - PIR label (The Sound Of Philadelphia - Philadelphia International Records) for which he created, among others, in 1974 a splendid album ' When Love Is New '. Paul combines his style pop, funk and soul music with electronic influences and sometimes psychedelic. It is also famous for his vocal style, whose tone ranges from soft to scathing . Billy Paul is always on the programming on our vintage station.