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Discocity Live

Every Wednesday Night at 21:00 CET and Saturday Night at 21:00 (for USA East Coast), Live Streaming & Exclusively For Studioradio, Marco Reverberi Presents An Unmissible Music Selection Of Disco, Funky, Afro & Electro In Pure '70 Style.

What Is Discocity Live ? It ' a program , a music box of 120 minutes, which offers two hours of disco music , funky , soul , afro, electro selected with great care by Marco Reverberi , an italian radio speaker of proven experience . Only music for connoisseurs and collectors , a national appointment exclusively for the web , and not for DAB and FM circuits . Follow him on our web site or on your smartphone or tablet through our free app downloaded from Google Play or from your app store !

Every Wednesday night at 21:00 (Central Europe Time), every Friday at 21:OO CET, and every Saturday Night at 21:00 for the USA East Coast, Marco Reverberi back on radio with a new unmissable selection of disco, funk, afro & electro!

Follow him on your smartphone or tablet! 

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Discocity Live back on radio every Friday at 21:OO CET, and every Saturday Night at 21:00 for the USA East Coast !

SMS Line : +39 348 45 31 700

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SMS Line : +39 348 45 31 700


If you missed the live broadcast of Wednesday night, you can listen DISCOCITY LIVE every Friday night always at 21:00 CET, and every Saturday Night at 21:00 (USA East Coast)