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Hugh BullenAlisand1985
Mouzon's Electric BandEverybody Get Down
O'jaysThis Time Baby
Pino Presti Ft. Roxy RobinsonYou Know Why

MASTER, New Voices

MASTER, New Voices From The Music Scene.

Master is the new format of Studioradio, designed and built to promote new voices and emerging groups

They can listen to their works. The pieces will be in 'line' with the spirit of the radio. Before being played will be subjected to careful selection. All songs must be unpublished and registered to SIAE or other international copyrights company. The selected artists, before to go on air, will transmit to Studioradio the clearance (release) and the 'Digital Delivey'.

We do not accept tracks sent using methods incorporating the download by our editorial staff (wetransfer, dropbox, jumbomail, etc.), nor links with expiration, because incompatible with the processing times of the radio.

To submit your work or for more information, write to:

Here are all the times with the new programming of MASTER:

H 10:30, 17:20, 20:15, 03:20 CET.