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OsibisaSunshine Day1975
Bill WithersI Want To Spend The Night
Kenny RogersCoward Of The County
The Style CouncilShout To The Top

The Night As A Day

Every Weekday at 24:00 (CET), The Best Of Our Daily Programming.

Every weekday, starting at midnight, except on Saturdays, we represent the programs more beautiful of the day just ended. 

It begins with Disco Party at midnight, and follow Maurizio Rossi with Radio Web.  And again 'History Hit' with historical charts of the '70s,' 80s, '90s,' 00s, and finally 'Classic Rock' with Mario Marengo. 

The best of the afternoon daily programming time for replication to all the friends of listeners Studioradio. 

And do not forget, if you have not already done so, download our free app optimized for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to continue to always follow our radio with a very low data traffic consumption. 

The Night As The Day, every night at midnight, on Studioradio!