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Under The Influence Vol. 8

Under The Influence Vol.8, The New Funk Compilation From Woody Bianchi.

We had the pleasure, we at Studioradio, to meet and attend the italian deejay and producer Gino Woody Bianchi, to appreciate his skills in music, discovering at the same time a vast record collection. 
Active since 1975, Gino "Woody" Bianchi is considered one of the most important and respected record collectors in Italy. 
Although he has recorded and published a lot of music in the last three decades, Gino Woody Bianchi is well known in the collecting environment for the quality and size of his archive (30,000 vinyl)
In this way, fellow deejay, English producer and record producer Dave Lee, aka Joey Negro (born 1964), well aware of the pedigree of Gino Woody Bianchi, contacts him and offers him the opportunity to realize the eighth volume of the compilation "Under The Influence".
It is of course a pleasure, from start to finish, a journey full of lights through disco-funk, boogie and jazz-funk music. The compilation also includes the edit by Gino Woody of the song "Rio De Janeiro" by the Ipanema Brothers, the thrilling madness of "Can You Feel It" by Formula One, and the brilliant boogie "You’re My Latest Inspiration" The Volume 8 of the compilation 'Under the influence' becomes therefore also a pretext for you to discover all the other seven volumes of this series really excellent. A series in which you will find and/ or rediscover some rare and fine 'gems' disco, funk, jazz. Absolutely to have, or simply to listen to, even on our radio. Thank you Gino.

  CD1. Tracking List : 

  1. Arlana - Springtime

  2. Barbara Hall - You Brought It On Yourself

  3. Ipanema Brothers - Rio De Janeiro (Woody Bianchi Edit)

  4. Coco York and Serge Ermoll Ensemble - Come On, Everybody

  5. Rideout - Someone Special

  6. Original Just Us - You're My Latest Inspiration

  7. Clifton Dyson - I'm Giving Up

  8. Formula One - Can You Feel It

  9. Jay Player - Love Is The Answer

  10. Sunny Gayle - I Wanna Know

  11. G.C. Cameron - If I Love You

  12. The Variations - I Know Why You're Here

  13. Renzo Fraiese - 12 Engle Street

  CD2. Tracking List : 

  1. Sammy Barbot - Mexico

  2. Puccio Roelens - Switch Off

  3. Love Exchange - Do You Want My Love

  4. Rev. Jerry Burns and The Youth Ensemble - Rapture

  5. The Directions - Can't Sit Down

  6. Samson and Delilah with The Boss Four - Don't Listen To

  7. The Magic City Band - Hot Flashes

  8. Razz-Ma-Tazz - Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

  9. James Knox - Let The Music Move Ya

  10. Rozza & Wine - Disco Boogie Woman

  11. Circle - Disco Break (Woody Bianchi Edit)

  12. Paul Humphrey - Scream & Shout

This Compilation is also available in double vinyl, in the best records shop, or on-line on Amazon,, or Discogs the collector's 'paradise'.