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Summer Goodbye 2016

Summer Goodbye 2016, In A Pure '70 Style.


AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED , an exclusive unique and unrepeatable national event only for Studioradio listeners !

SUMMER GOODBYE 2016 ! Saturday, September 3, 2016 , beginning at 23:00 , and throughout the night , we will be live streaming from the Imperial Bay of Gabicce Mare ( PU ) , with the unmistakable sound of the 'Summer Goodbye' , and the deejay MOZART , RUBENS & GIGI THE VILLA

Once again, the Imperial Bay it transforms  into 'Summer Goodbye', to celebrate the end of the summer. Summer Goodbye has been created by the immense passion of Tiziano Ciarabellini, Mauro Zaccari and Paolo Fava .

This is the same event that closed the summer season of the Bay in the '70s , with the music of the period 1975-1979 , the golden years of disco music but also the funky and soul music . These Deejays were the pioneers in Italy : they works just in the same years in which , in the United States , there was talk of Studio 54 , Paradise Garage , Loft and Larry Levan , Tom Moulton , Walter Gibbons , Tony Mancuso . 

In consolle Mozart, Summer Goodbye 2015

Disco , Funky , African , Electro , just for one night , and live radio show on only ! And for those who can not be there , the long night will be broadcast again , Saturday, September 10, 2016 ! 

In collaboration with the portal , the Italian portal of disco, funk and afro music.

Many thanks to Marco Reverberi for the photos.

The Story Of The Imperial Bay.

The Imperial Bay, located on the hills above Gabicce Mare, on the border between the provinces of Rimini and Pesaro, attracts public from Marche and Romagna, but also in Lombardia, Veneto and Piemonte regions. The disco is located overlooking the sea, and enjoys a wide and spectacular panoramic views. The strategic location makes it an essential stop for vacationers who frequent the Riviera, Rimini and Riccione. The disco and 'surrounded by a mythical aura and splendor of majestic columns reminiscent of the shape of a huge Roman Temple of Augustan era. The Imperial Bay has never lost its centrality and importance in the world of the night, and draws tourists from all over Europe, offering nights of fun to 360 degrees with four musical environments including:  the Senate floor, follows the track Zodiac, the pool room and the terrace. The Club despite being highly tourist, events held during the winter and always collect a huge success.

Summer Goodbye 2015

Saturday, September 3 - Summer GoodBye , Baia Imperiale. 

For information and reservations tables , pre-sales and packages with hotel and entrance to the Imperial Bay please contact : 

Tel . (+39) 338-2780899 Philip (also whatsapp) 


Via Panoramica, 36 


Tel . ( + 39 ) 0541 950312 

Tel . ( + 39 ) 348 0294055 

Tel . ( + 39 ) 339 2324053 

Event In collaboration with : 

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