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My Rock Is Gonna Get You

My Rock Is Gonna Get You

Friday May 22, 2015 broadcast, strictly live, one of our 'One Night Radio Show ', the most beautiful 'My Rock Is Gonna Get You ', with a long night themed pop ' n rock! 

At the Microphones , and strictly live radio, took turns : Marco Reverberi , Massimo Biggi , Giorgio Martini, Marco Mantovani , Lisa Rossetti , Tony Marano . With the fabulous megamix Andrea Lanari & DJ Vanni . Directed by Marco Delmonte, Christian Caimmi, Loretta Bosio. 

Technical Supervision: Andrea Lanari.

For a whole night of and, the largest radio as it was once, with vintage music more beautiful than ever, and the voices that made the italian radio.

In the cover photo, Marco Reverberi (Studioradio ) & Bobby Gessi (RDS2) in one of the previous editions.