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Fast Food
Lucio DallaStella Di Mare1978
13:19The London Royal Orchestra The Man With The Golden Gun
13:15Mike & The Mechanics Nobody's Perfect
13:12Nick Waterhouse It's Time

Marco Reverberi

Marco Reverberi, professional speaker.

Speaker, entertainer, record producer since 1978, Marco works in radio like Radio Capital Milano, Radio Base 87.5, Malvisi Network, Radio Parma, Radio Emilia 101. Among his records productions include ''Clock On 5'' for Discomagic, but also for co-productions and collaborations with 'Discotto' label and Koto. Today Marco works with Studioradio, and in FM with Radio Circuito 29, for which leads to, every Wednesday evening from 21:00 to 23:00, ''DISCOCITY LIVE''. For more information about his activities: - -

Radio Days: Radio Bella (Pr), Radio Parma 2, Radio Capital Milano, Idea Radio Bubble Music(Pr), Radio Emilia 101 (Pr), Primarete FM (Mo), Radio Elle (Pr), Radio Base 87.5 (Cr), Malvisi Network (Pr), Radio Circuito 29 (Mn).

Main activities: main owner of the studio production Multifactory, is mainly engaged in production and audio / video services.

Related activities: professional speaker, copywriter, author radio, consultant.