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Magical Mystery Tour

Re-Issue Digitally With Added Material, Interviews, And Discarded Scenes Of Double-EP Of 1969


di Piero Tarantola.

For some time he had gone missing. Circulated at the time the VHS, DVD came out in 1997 but had limited distribution. First work of the Beatles without Brian Epstein. This means a lot. No guide, no manager, the fab four decided to embark on a bus with some actors and relatives in tow and shoot a movie in complete freedom. At first the streets of Liverpool and then, for obvious reasons of public order (too many people between the feet), in the open country. He came out a work totally incoherent, without rhyme or reason that did not please the fans and that was cut short by the press. The little film lasting 53 minutes scarce was broadcast on the BBC 26 December 1967 and never revived. In the States it was not even planned (it probably had first viewed) until 1976. Why the Beatles embarked on such an operation? The four had stopped performing in public, SGT Pepper's was considered the best album of all time, our considered themselves infallible. 

Lennon said since there is not more we exhibit in public, television seems to us the best way to replace the concerts.

Said and done. The bus wandered especially for the Kent countryside of Devon and Cornwall. There was a precise script but only notes that were taken extemporaneously. Professional actors hired complained about the total lack of a script. They were shot many hours of film that during assembly is reduced by much. In fact, in Magical Mystery Tour also appears on a video (The fool on the hill) shot by McCartney in France and aerial scenes of Flying were taken from material loan turned to Stanley Kubrick and not used. Everything went on in the most extreme confusion until our decided to give it a rest. The film was broadcast on BBC One in black and white. He had been shot in color but then one BBC did not broadcast in color. Already it was not that good, imagine black and white. A real disaster. The BBC tried to remedy the blunder by reprogramming the film on BBC two (color, this time) but now the omelet was made. The intentions of our laudable were: - some characters appear out of nowhere, there is no real story to follow, were looking for a new form of comedy and improvisation, we began to turn and we were not sure where we were going to end up. It was a dream, a fantasy, an imagination - (Paul).

The Beatles were, however, very scorched by criticism and tried to justify himself in every way. Paul said, we never said it was a good movie -. It 'was our first attempt and failed. We will do better next time. That's all ? Not at all. We must talk about music. Yes because the barons had some brand new songs to be proposed for this short film and it was not just stuff. To begin with two absolute masterpiece like The Beatles fool on the hill, and I am the walrus-fledged music video prototypes. At the time the fact four had started a real search from this point of view. Just got out of the movies Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane real music videos -litteram ante. Magical Mystery Tour continues along these lines. George also very impressive in Blue Jay Way. He left a double EP with the songs of the film that was a resounding success. The double EP was released only in the UK, in the US he went out a long playing that brought in addition to other individuals of the period (such trinkets All you need is love or Strawberry fields forever for instance). Almost all the music you hear in the movies at the time was new to fans (it was only released the single Hello goodbye / I am the walrus) and the welcome were excellent. Hit it off very well vaudeville Your mother Should Know and the title track remains one of the most popular songs of the Fab Four. The original soundtrack is actually never published, we listen to it in the film is also a joke She Loves You, an instrumental piece and even the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, but these are trifles. The double EP or even the album are something amazing. The double EP in fact has never been reprinted in its original form, also remastered reissues of 2009 have focused the album. In De Luxe version, however, we find him. An interesting new edition for Beatles maniacs.

The reissue includes extra material, interviews , discarded scenes and even a mega edition with blue ray , dvd , reprinted in mono double EP and book of 60 pages . The collectors are warned . Continues to miss the new edition of the Let It Be film. After a poor quality reprint of twenty years ago they were untraceable . The film is virtually impossible to find except on bootleg copies . The usual well -informed say that maybe in 2013 Let it be will review the light . Time will tell.

- Some people thought we were crazy and self -indulgent . Probably it is true , we did what we liked . The film did not make sense but that makes it nice . A testimony of how they were really the Beatles . Spielberg says that for him was crucial and that project in film schools . In short Magica Mysyery Tour now has found its place in time - ( Paul ) .

PIERO TARANTOLA. (taken from 'Brescia Musica' magazine)