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Piero Tarantola

Piero Tarantola, Editorial Director.

Piero Tarantola, record collector all along, began with the first "free" radios in 1976. He's a founder of Radio Popolare of Brescia, linked with Milan afterwards. One of the most important italian expert about The Beatles, rock and jazz music junkie. He's got a passion for progressive, northern soul and Frank Zappa. He considers Bruce Springsteen to be the most important sociologist alive.

Radio days : after Radio Popolare he cooperated with Radio Punto Nord, Radio Number One, Radio Brescia Popolare, Radio Vera.

Music critic and journalist, he still collaborates with the magazine "Buscadero", which is all about music and record reviews.

He currently is publishing Director and works on jazz, rock, alternative, indie and soul schedule of Studioradio, and on record reviews, published periodically in the "Press" section.