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Peeter Club, 1° mega rally

Peeter Club Discotheque & Mary Baby Disco, The First Mega Rally

September 17, 2012. 

Great success and big audience for 1st Megaraduno disco's Peeter Club Castelli Calepio (Bg) and Mary Baby Villongo (Bg), which drew in the celebrations of Foresto Sparso (BG) as well as a thousand people who relived for a few hours the magical atmosphere of the 70's, 80's, 90's with music and deejay Studioradio, Tony & Alberto Marano Musi, and with the live radio streaming for all those who were unable to intervene. 

Impeccable organization of Ilario Ongaro, the manager at the time of the Peeter Club and Baby Mary disco's, who strongly wanted this event together with a 'handful' of irreducible that very often frequented these premises and who still lives with nostalgia for those beautiful and unforgettable moments. 

It is not even the lack of gastronomic event, with the opportunity to taste the specialties of the area, even as the beautiful fireworks that closed in a wonderful event that will surely be back soon to talk about though.

In the picture above the people of Peeter disco & Ilario Ongaro manager, on the orange Vespa.

Available here the photogallery of the event, broadcast live streaming from our radio.