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Paolo Attivissimo Lands In Italy

Paolo Attivissimo, The Famous Swiss Blogger Lands In Italy

Wednesday 13 and Thursday May 14, 2015, Studioradio organized a lot of events aimed at all students of the Lower and Upper Secondary School, which involved all the students of the school district Alto Sebino and their families. 

'Meeting with Paolo Attivissimo' on the theme: 'proper use of the Internet and Social Network'

The famous Swiss blogger arrived in Italy for a double exclusive appointment: 

Wednesday May 13 at h21:00 at Villa Milesi in Lovere (Bg), a meeting dedicated to parents and families. 

Thursday May 14 at h8:30 and 10:30 at the Cinema Theatre Crystal Lovere (Bg), a meeting dedicated to students from lower and upper secondary schools. 

In collaboration with Cultural Association Studioradio, City of Lovere (Bg), Banca Popolare di Sondrio. 

All the events were all streamed live, only on

Meetings of May 14, available in podcast here (in italian language).

the famous Swiss blogger lands in Italy