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EurythmicsIt's Alright (baby's Coming Back)1985
13:36Goblin Profondo Rosso (deep Red)
13:32The O'jays Put Our Heads Together
13:28Chic Sao Paulo

Peeter Club, 2° Mega Rally

Peeter Club Discotheque & Mary Baby Disco, 2° Mega Rally.

Saturday, September 13, 2014, at the party area of ​​Foresto Sparso (BG), was held the second edition of mega rally of discos Peeter Club and Mary Baby, in collaboration with Studioradio, Pro Loco and the Municipality of Foresto Sparso (Bergamo), all the music of the most beautiful years !

Impeccable organization of Ilario Ongaro, manager at the time of the discos Peeter Club and Mary Baby, who wanted again and strongly this event together with a 'handful' of irreducible that very often frequented these premises and still lives with his nostalgia for those beautiful and unforgettable moments. 

The disco of the 70 of Disco Mary Baby and dance of the 80s of the Peeter Disco Club, with all the DJs that have made these two fantastic places ! 

Seven deejay, a huge audience and fun for everyone. DJ console Bazzooka, Livio Polini, Mr. Jones & Franco 3, Alberto Musi and Tony Marano of Studioradio, & Christian Polini.

Guest of the evening , directly from 80's : BRAND IMAGE !

Live streaming on, thanks to the wise direction of Marco Delmonte.

On the right a shot during the performance of Studioradio, with Tony Marano and Alberto Musi. 

Full event photo gallery on our facebook page !

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