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San Paolo B&B, 2 Steps From Sea

San Paolo B&B, Two Steps From The Sea.

An original idea for your holidays in Italy?

San Paolo Bed And Breakfast is in Salerno, a few kilometers from the Campagna highway exit, and few minutes from numerous tourist attractions.

San Paolo Bed & Breakfast is in a strategic position, perfect for stopping during your travels.

  • Just Five Minutes by car from Campagna (Salerno) highway exit.
  • A 5-minute drive from the Palasele stadium in Eboli (SA), home to numerous events and concerts.
  • 20 minutes drive from the sea (Paestum & Eboli Lido)
  • A 30-minute drive from the Amalfi Coast (SA)

Paestum Temple

Eboli's Sea

San Paolo Bed & Breakfast is located in a strategic position, a stone's throw from the sea, near Paestum, La Certosa Di Padula, The Pertosa Caves, the Castelcivita Caves, the WWF Oasis of Persano, the natural Oasis of Monte Polveracchio, Roscigno Vecchia 'the ghost town', and the beautiful Amalfi Coast!

Internal Parking

Buffet Breakfast

Private Bathroom in each room

Air Conditioning

Lcd TV

Free Wi-fi

For More Info, go straight to San Paolo Bed & Breakfast site !