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Tony Marano

Tony Marano

Tony Marano begins in radio in 1980, with Alberto and Beppe. His passions have always been soul, funk and disco music. He's a greatest vinyl & cd collectors.

Radio Days : Radio Alpha Centauri 89.4, Radio Sala Amica, Radio Antenna Sud, Radio Padana Uno 99.4, Nuova Radio, Free Radio Lombardia 103.9, Number One Radio 91.00 Brescia, Radio Montorfano 98.6, Radio Spazio Zero 89.5, Radio Voce Inblu 88.3.

Disco Days : Apple Club, Dancin' Days, Stardust Club, Le Ninfee, Palatenda DiscoRoller,  Snuppy3, as resident. Capital Music, Peeter Club, Number One, Casa De Sica, as guest.

Interviews: Augusto Daoglio, Pooh, Ivan Graziani, Irene Grandi, Jovanotti, Daniele Silvestri, Eugenio Finardi, Miguel Bosè, Gino Paoli, Le Orme, Marco Armani, Roby Facchinetti, Danilo Sacco.

Currently, he's the artistic director.

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