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Grand TourThe Grand Tour1977
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The CommodoresGonna Blow Your Mind
Sister SledgeHe's The Greatest Dancer (extended Version)


Angeldeejay - The Lounge Club Experience.

Italian deejay 'stationed' in Germany, with many years of experience in countless clubs, lounge bars, discobar and various events in Europe, often sharing the console with other famous deejays and artists.

Since 2008 resident deejay at the 'Canoo Club', a sort of floating lounge directly along the Rhine River, in the center of Dusseldorf, the German city of fashion, known as a prestigious hotspot of Westphalian nightlife.

A continuous journey through a multifaceted and eclectic musical selection, which starts from the old school funky-jazz-disco, to pass through modern and urban lounge-deep-nu-disco sounds, and finally to arrive at balearic house style sounds, developing from time to time an intriguing and sensual musical selection, seasoning everything with a typical Italian flair.

Producer of the compilation 'Canoo Club vol.1', released both on vinyl and digitally, as well as other very groovy digital releases.

Angeldeejay awaits you on Studioradio, every Saturday night at 21:30 Cet

to revive the music of Nephenta of Gabicce, and recreate the magical atmosphere of the '70.