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Mattia Martinelli

Mattia Martinelli

Mattia, for friends Tia, also known as LADOPPIAM.

Radio Days : Radio Montorfano PlayOneRadio, Radio Voice InBlu.

In 2003, he moves his first steps into the world of the radio. inside Radio Montorfano - Rovato (Bs ), with the role of technical director, and later as a speaker.

In 2008 the collaboration with Playoneradio, where he held many positions within the technical field of radio. In addition to directing during live radio broadcasts, often in console, music or lights, at parties and events.

In January 2009, he become press secretary and p.r. of Harold James. In August of the same year he was contacted by Radio Voice Inblu and hired as technical director.

Tia currently takes care of the technical part and the direction of the 'external' direct of the radio, in addition to being an administrator of the Facebook page.