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Studioradio on Radio Phenomena

Studioradio, Radio Phenomena.

RADIO PHENOMENA, the history of radio! The roots and fundamentals of today's FM radios!

It is a program led by Franco Lazzari (Radio Peter Flowers), created to revive historical and significant moments of FM radio that we listen to today.

The radio lived and told by the protagonists of that moment, from the disc-jockeys that this story has lived in first person for passion and love of music, with the desire to share the same emotions and thinking that speaking from a microphone, you he could change his life and beyond.

From 1975 to 1991, period referred to as 'the golden years of private radio in Italy', which upset a way of recreational life, the customs and habits of the young people of the time, due to the radio phenomenon the merits of giving new creative impulse to make music, to propose it also giving strength to those places of aggregation, deputies to dance and called 'discotheques'.

Friday 28 December 2018, guest at RADIO FENOMENI, the staff of Studioradio, with Tony Marano, Piero Tarantola and Beppe Profeta, to talk about the FM radio of the '70s /' 80s / '90s, the discos of the time, and listen again to the excerpts of transmission and original jingles of Number One Radio 91, Free Radio Lombardia 103.9, Radio Alpha 89.4, Radio Spazio Zero 89.5.

RADIO PHENOMENA is broadcast on RADIO4YOU, every Friday evening from 21:00 to 23:00, and in response every Tuesday evening at the same time. In radiovision for Lombardia and Piemonte regions on channel 649, in DAB + on channel 10A for Cagliari and province.